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Eric Author photo SMEric Beetner is an award-winning author of several novels including RumrunnersThe Devil Doesn’t Want MeDig Two Graves, The Year I Died Seven Times, Criminal Economics. He is co-author (with JB Kohl) of One Too Many Blows To The Head andBorrowed Trouble. He’s written Split Decision and A Mouth Full Of Blood for the popular Fightcard series.




rumrunners-cover-01Meet the McGraws. They’re not criminals. They’re outlaws. They have made a living by driving anything and everything for the Stanleys, the criminal family who has been employing them for decades. It’s ended with Tucker. He’s gone straight, much to the disappointment of his father, Webb.

When Webb vanishes after a job, and with him a truck load of drugs, the Stanleys want their drugs back or their money. With the help from his grandfather, Calvin-the original lead foot-Tucker is about to learn a whole lot about the family business in a crash course that might just get him killed.

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The Year I Died 7 Times

The Devil Doesn’t Want Me

Dig Two Graves

It’s Been A Busy Year by Eric Beetner 

This is getting ridiculous.

I’ve just handed in final revisions on my novel, The Backlist, which comes out in September. That novel was co-written with Frank Zafiro and it’s an old school mob story meets hit man tale with a lot of surprises along the way. But it’s early to talk about it, mostly because I’m still talking about my novel The Year I Died Seven Times which came out earlier this year and has been doing quite well on the Noir charts over on Amazon since it’s release in March.

But, really, that book is old news, almost. (Hopefully not really) But my latest, Rumrunners is out this month and my focus is on getting the word out on that book. A novel Samuel Gailey called, “A fast a furious read.” and what Grant Jerkins called, “A fuel-injected, mile-a-minute thrill ride.”

However, I can’t rest because in June my next novel comes out. This one, called Over Their Heads, is my third collaboration with author JB Kohl and our first set in contemporary times. Of that one, noir writer Anonymous-9 said, “The writing team of JB Kohl and Eric Beetner give the middle finger to polite crime writing and splatter the pages of Over Their Heads with foul mouthed, two-fisted action delivered in a hail of bullets.”

Yep, it’s a busy year for me. And I haven’t even mentioned the books coming out in October and November.

I’ve been called prolific. This year might seem like a cheat, though. Rumrunners, for example, was written four years ago, but took a back seat to other projects I was publishing until it was rescued from obscurity by publisher 280 Steps. (

It’s great to get this one out into the world and I was grateful for a diligent editor who had patience enough to work through what a different writer I was years ago.

For both Over Their Heads and The Backlist I wrote with co-authors so really I only wrote half a book each. And working with both Frank and JB is such a pleasure it feels like even less effort than that.

The Year I Died Seven Times came out last year as a serialized novel in seven different installments over the course of the year, so this full omnibus version is a cheat.

And the book coming out in November is a novella, so again – cheater.

But don’t think I’m resting on my laurels. I’ve already signed on to write two more novellas this year for release in 2016. I’m half way finished with a new standalone novel and have started work on a sequel to The Backlist and am making plans for a Rumrunners sequel.

I’m not sure how I can top the flood of output for 2015, but it’s good to have something to strive for.


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