G. Whitman, Author

Gisele pictureG. Whitman is currently a part-time writer with a full-time mentality. I’m in love with love and always hope for the happy ending. The happy may not be ever after, but the story must come to an amicable ending. Photography is also a hobby and would pursue it more if the paying 9 to 5 job didn’t get in the way. The Boston area is the only place I’ve ever lived, but I enjoy finding out and exploring other parts of the world and the country. Family and friends is where my heart is every day.

(1) When did you start writing?

I wrote in junior high and high school for classes and for myself. Never thought of it as a career. I wrote some fan fiction for an Online group about 10 years ago that got good response. “Ping” Went the lightbulb. Started writing short stories all in long hand. Ideas came all over the place. Probably pent up over the years. I purchased a laptop computer in 2007 and got everything down. Amazon started Createspace and I thought why not self publish? Then self readers and  There you go.

(2) What genres do you write?

Currently I am just writing contemporary romance. I like thinking That I write about real people and real situations the regular person Can recognize in themselves. I’ve had an idea for a children’s story That I need to get down. Not enough hours in the day as I write on a Part time basis. I do have something fantasy/ science fiction that I may Try. I need a bigger outline and time to research.

(3) Tell us about your books.

This latest book Is called “Make Love Stay”. Three story’s about three couples all intertwined as they are all related to a specific hospital. We Meet Sheri and Bill, a couple who have been married almost 30 years And together need to meet a medical issue. We then meet Joan, a doctor and a widower. Jonathan is a hospital Administator and divorced father Of twins. These two tread lightly around each other, but find a way to Get together. Then we meet Louise, Marketing for the Hospital and Sean, A contractor for a hospital project. How does this young couple meet the Challenge of the trying to make time for themselves and their busy lives?

Make love stay book coverBook Description

  December 18, 2014
** For mature readers due to language and sexual content**
Hope Regional Hospital still provides personal and quality care. Modern and state of the art with top notch doctors. One of the few regional hospital’s that cares about its patients. 
LOVE. One of those mysteries we have yet to figure out. 
We know it when we’re in it and conversely, out of it. 
How do we keep love, find love and gloriously make love? 
Isn’t that the million dollar question? Keeping. 
Sheri Erickson and her family have always been a part pf Hope Regional. Sheri has known Dr. Joan Haverhill OB/GYN since the beginning of her practice. Instead of menopause, Sheri finds she might be pregnant and Joan is the first person she calls. While Sheri is still deciding what to do. Louise Carmichael, PR and Marketing for the hospital, has asked Sheri to work as a liaison between the bank Sheri works for and the new construction of a bank branch at the hospital. Sheri is used to juggling acts, how does the pregnancy affect her relationship with her husband Bill, her grown children and the work to be done? Keeping everyone happy will prove to be a challenge. Finding. 
With the bank branch successfully built, hospital executive, Jonathan Hudson Hope, has a grand opening and ribbon cutting. At night he hosts a party to launch the new bank venture. The great grandson of the founders for the hospital, Jonathan is looking forward to keeping the hospital away from big business and still needs to retain its progressive approach. He calls on Sheri Erikson for her advice as an outsider looking in. Jonathan asks other hospital staff for their opinion. What kinds of programs doe the doctors, nurses and other staff want? What is Dr. Joan Haverhill looking for? Joan has been part of the hospital the whole of Jonathan’s tenure. Her husband died of cancer two years ago and Jonathan sees that she’s not her normal outgoing self. After a business dinner, Jonathan inquires about a friendship with Joan. He has so few as no one can see pass the executive. Joan says yes to a potential friendship. Can Joan and Jonathan find both friendship and love? 

Louise knew Sheri Erickson would be the perfect liaison during the bank branch being built. At the executive party, Louise asks Sheri about one of the seriously handsome construction workers. Little did Louise know that Sean McAllister was actually the owner of this large construction company? Sean was happy to be introduced to Louise Carmichael. He had seen her around the hospital and loved her beautiful curves. At first look, they both knew they wanted to make a connection. 


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