Silent Slaughter by C. E. Lawrence

Carole Bugge Picture~~~   Win a FREE Kindle Copy – Silent Slaughter by C. E. Lawrence!   ~~~


He chooses his tools with precision. Stalks his victims with cold efficiency. Plans his attack using mathematical logic. And now he is ready to play…


When the killer’s first letter arrives at the station, NYPD profiler Lee Campbell suspects the writer is daring him to match wits with a dangerous—and brilliant—criminal mind. But once this “Alleyway Strangler” starts leaving specially targeted messages with each surgically carved corpse, Campbell realizes it’s not just personal. It’s perfectly calculated—to destroy him…

Praise for the riveting thrillers of C. E. Lawrence

“Criminally compelling…Lawrence nails you to your seat.”—Gayle Lynds

“Dark and atmospheric…unnerving.”—Steven James

“Startlingly suspenseful…an extraordinary page-turner.”—Cody Mcfadyen

“An intense psychological ride.” —J. T. Ellison

Giveaway ends on February 7, 2015 and winner will be announced at that time on the author’s facebook page. Participants who participate 100% will increase their chances of winning. Stop by the author’s facebook page and participate in the Rafflecopter setup by “clicking” on the Giveaway Button that is located at the top of this facebook page. You will have an opportunity to ADD points to your total points when you participate in the Rafflecopter setup DAILY.            click” here to visit the author’s facebook page! 


8 thoughts on “Silent Slaughter by C. E. Lawrence

  1. I would love to win this book! Thank-you so much for this giveaway! This book sounds like my favorite type of book to read. Sounds so suspenseful and exciting!

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