Jasmine Farrell, Author & Freelance Blogger

Picture JasmineJasmine Farrell  is a freelance writer and blogger. From Brooklyn, NY, she has a Bachelor’s in Communications and she loves red velvet cake. Writing in her Grandmother’s memo pads is included into her repertoire of writings. Creative writing is her niche. She loves reading, randomly dancing and creating off-key ballads.

Book Cover JasmineWords painted with soul, honey and kinks, Jasmine invites you to portions of her journey, as well as the footprints of others. Coming from her entire essence, to transitions and storytelling, My Quintessence entices your emotions to nod in agreement that, yes, we’ve all been there. It travels through what an inner voice looks like, while nostalgic imagery reminds us we are not alone. Every piece reaches out and tugs on your heartstrings, without an agenda. Although a bit guarded, transparency leaks through every poem. My Quintessence is a journey through her experiences, perspectives and Jasmine’s introduction to self confidence. Poems ranging from love, relapses, her faith and social messages, My Quintessence, has a poem for everybody and for every season. Jasmine is not one to fit in a box. This book will definitely expose her wonderful mélange in black and white! Words and seasons are personified. Jasmine’s perspective and raw moments are highlighted. After all, relating to each other gives us more hope to carry on.

Her Quintessence is available for purchase online at:




Why did you start writing poetry?

It started off as a class assignment when I was in second grade. I was hooked ever since.

I became more serious about it when I was in High School. I attended Fashion Industries High School, but I noticed that even in my fashion classes I would sneak a poem or two.

What advice would you give a new poet?

Always write and never throw away a poem! You may find an awesome line to pull out and make a new poem.

What are your future plans for new poetry?

I will hopefully publish another poetry book in September of this year. I am working on an audio version of, My Quintessence, and I plan on releasing it in the summer.  Be on the lookout!

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