Paul B. McNulty, Author

Picture 200I write historical novels based on real events in 18th century Ireland. My credentials include editorship of a student magazine, The Anvil, followed by publication of scientific and popular papers during a career in Biosystems Engineering at University College Dublin. After retirement, I studied The Genealogy of the Anglo-Norman Lynches who Settled in Galway which unearthed a treasure-trove of stories. My first novel, Spellbound by Sibella, was published in 2013 by Club Lighthouse CLP, Canada who published my second novel The Abduction of Anne O’Donel in 2014.

I have also self-published The … Anglo-Norman Lynches… in 2013 and a novella, A Rebel Romance in 2014, both with CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

I live in Dublin with my wife, three children and two granddaughters. The wild splendour of Mayo and Connemara inspires my writing.

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book cover 200Anne O‘Donel is wooed by two suitors, the youthful Hyacinth Martin and the elderly Timothy Brecknock. She is distraught when her father favours Brecknock, an Oxford-educated lawyer attracted by Anne’s inheritance. Aware of Brecknock’s interest, the handsome Hyacinth proposes to Anne who is thrilled to become his secret fiancée.

After failing to woo Anne, the eccentric Brecknock abducts the refined heiress to a remote island. Her horror of imprisonment and imminent violation is mediated by an introduction to the world of letters through stories of romance, politics, evangelism and alchemy. Anne takes advantage of Brecknock’s intellectual prowess while simultaneously plotting her escape. From a girl of simple taste, the abduction experience transforms her into a strong and independent woman. She begins to write limericks, letters and diary entries. Having finally rejected Brecknock’s proposal of marriage, she prepares to defend herself from a threatened rape. Will she be strong enough to withstand the assault, and its consequences if successful?

Meanwhile Hyacinth Martin searches unceasingly, concerned for the safety of the love of his life. Having tracked Brecknock’s movements, the tension builds as his team gradually close in on the island hideaway. With time running out, can Hyacinth save his fiancée from Brecknock’s evil plans and the regrettable stigma attaching to abducted women?


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